Recruitment is targeted to meet the candidates in order to select the most appropriate for the office. This is achieved by verifying existing applications on file, media, competition, consulting firms, personal contacts, etc.. Selecting the right person for the job vacancy is performed based on the information in the job application, the interview, the application of tests and psychological tests and verification of personal references of the candidates.

The staff induction process includes workshops , lectures and interviews with his immediate superior to publicize the hotel characteristics, duties and obligations of a general nature and any essential information about the specifics of the research, standards or methods on it, peers and finally a tour of his workspace.

Moreover, by training staff is to give the restaurante evenimente dorohoi guest service height, must be made constant workshops and sessions about what to do and how to do and what to say and how to say it. The results of training can be observed in evaluating staff performance, making tracking the worker in terms of how, when, and how it works, while assessing their attitudes and aptitudes.
In addition, management is responsible for labor relations, individual and collective to maintain communication between different foster an environment conducive to appropriate organizational level character work, and social benefits for staff on issues such as the dining, medical services, life insurance, scholarships, loans and guarantees and any incentive for hotel workers.

Security Management

In both hotels security services are provided by staff, which facilitates control over it as well known facilities as well as the needs and limitations in terms of security, although can carry a very high cost and generate problems for absenteeism and preference for tasks relating to the specific operations of the hotel in terms of accommodation, food and beverage, and recreation.

The incidents in hotels seem few and are considered "manageable" by the Managers. The information is only collected in books of reports and through reports in which the incident took part in a preliminary report, and the actions taken to address the situation in a final report. The organization of this information will serve as a starting point for the creation of a database on the composition of the incidents and frequency of incidents. Additionally, it is possible to determine the cost of management, as well as levels of staff absenteeism.

Management Systems

Management's assessment is not systematic. Only maintains a database on the problems presented. In it the person reporting is included, the reported problem, the solution taken, time of the report, Wake- hour. From the organization of the information is possible to determine system outages, frequency of interruptions and disruptions origin. Additionally, as a result of the development and management of the budget of the IT Department, the cost of management in terms of cost reduction is calculated.